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We offer the best 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Our oils are the first extraction from only the freshest, tastiest olives sold right here in Delafield, Wisconsin.


Olive Oil Grill Masters

It's time to honor those fathers who have mastered the art of the grill, those who wield tongs with unmatched precision and possess the uncanny ability to transform any hunk of meat into a delicious masterpiece as well as those who understand defeat and have handed over the grippers to the lady of the house.

Hey, we appreciate your previous efforts as well as the acknowledgement that spending the day at the hospital with grill burns from exploding burgers just isn’t a great way to spend the holiday.

At Oliva di Vita, we know that behind every legendary dad griller, there's a secret ingredient. And you know what that is?

You guessed it—olive oil! (And probably the woman in the house who has completed all the grocery shopping and marinating to make you look good.) So, let's dive into the oily wonders we have in store for you!

Like it spicy? Try marinating with Dark Chocolate Balsamic and Chipotle Infused EVOO. Steaks on the grill will never be the same!

How about a little umami? Combine Espresso Dark Balsamic with Chocolate Balsamic. Works with Steak, pork and chicken.

Grilling Veggies? Combine our Butter EVOO with the Garlic EVOO. The vegetable flavors explode with the smokey goodness of this combo and the grill.

Cinnamon Pear White Balsamic and Blood Orange EVOO make a great Salmon Glaze. There has to be something on the grill for Grandma, right?

**Olive Oil Grill Master Tips**

We know that even the most seasoned grilling veterans can benefit from a little extra wisdom. So, here are some olive oil-inspired tips to take your grill game from "good" to "grilliant":

1. **Oil Up the Grill**: Before you light those coals, give your grill grates a gentle massage with olive oil. It'll prevent your precious meats from sticking and make for easy cleanup. No more sad, lost burger bits!

2. **Marinate with Love**: Mix your favorite olive oil with herbs, spices, and a pinch of imagination to create killer marinades. Let your meats soak up that deliciousness, and watch your family's taste buds explode with joy.

3. **Sear and Slide**: When grilling delicate veggies, lightly brush them with olive oil and sear them over high heat. Then, give them a little slide to a cooler part of the grill, allowing them to cook through while retaining their delicious flavors.

4. **Finishing Touches**: Just before removing your culinary masterpiece from the grill, drizzle a touch of premium extra-virgin olive oil to elevate the flavors and add a touch of sophistication. It's the culinary equivalent of donning a tuxedo!

**Grillin' Gurus Unite!**

Remember, dear Grillmasters, the secret to becoming a true grilling legend lies in the golden drops of olive oil.

As we celebrate Father's Day, let's take a moment to appreciate all the funny, endearing, and slightly questionable grilling techniques that dads have perfected over the years. Who can forget the classic "hover hand" when they're flipping burgers or the trademark "dad dance" while waiting for the perfect sear? Let's raise a spatula to all the dads out there who bring joy, laughter, and maybe a few charcoal mishaps to the grill.

And what better way to show your appreciation than by treating your dad to the gift of olive oil this Father's Day? Swing by our store and explore our extensive selection of artisanal olive oils from around the world. From the robust and peppery to the smooth and buttery, we have the perfect bottle to suit every dad's palate.

From our grill to yours, we wish all the incredible dads out there a sizzling and sensational Father's Day!

May your grilling adventures be filled with love, laughter, and just the right amount of olive oil and zero trips to the emergency room.

Father's Day June 18th

Specials available June 12th-June 18th

In-store Only: Stop in and get 15% off when you purchase a pairing of 200ml bottles of Chipotle EVOO & Dark Chocolate Balsamic OR Espresso & Dark Chocolate Balsamic

Online Only: Receive a sample bottle of our Dark Chocolate Balsamic when you order any bottle of Olive Oil

Events This Month

June 21st - Tasting and Demonstration with Jim

Typically we are sold out by the time the newsletter goes out but this could be your lucky month as we still have a couple openings. Call the store to reserve your spot.

June 8th - Ladies Night

Shops, restaurants, bars, and more offer deals and specials for all the shoppers. Hundreds of ladies grab their girlfriends and head out for a fun night on the town. Participants and businesses have a blast shopping and spending time Downtown Delafield.

Starting at 5:00 p.m. Stop in the store to take advantage of our specials that day.

In Grilling Glory,

Jim & Susan Allen

and the Oliva di Vita team


June On SALE – 10% Off

Recipe of the Month


Dark Chocolate & Chipotle Marinade



Dark Chocolate and Chipotle Marinade Recipe




Oliva di Vita Ultra Premium Certified

 The New Standard in EVOO!

We offer the best 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Our oils are the first extraction from only the freshest, tastiest olives. Treat your taste buds with our exquisite twelve year and eighteen year aged balsamic vinegars, or our delicious flavored vinegar selections like pomegranate, fig, blueberry, and many more!


I absolutely LOVE this store. The olive oils and vinegars are outstanding! Plus they also have some surprise other goodies. Customer Service is A++++! All about the customer. Highly recommend you make a visit. I drive 1 hr 15 min to get there. Well worth the trip. Make it a gals day and go shopping and lunch in downtown Delafield. Lovely community.


Very informative people, they are really passionate about their products and providing healthy olive oils, balsamic vinegars and information about the products. I'd definitely recommend at least going inside to see what they have to offer. I know my wife and I were surprised by the huge selection, and amazing flavors we never considered getting out of a balsamic vinegar (espresso, for example, which was extremely good!) They also have great information about good meats, salads, fruits, etc to pair each with. Great place, we'll be back for sure!


So delicious and everyone is friendly and helpful. Jim and Susan are incredibly knowledgeable. I love their oils and vinegars.


This is the only place that I buy my olive oils and vinegars from. The sales associates have always been super nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. When I’m in town I’ll stop in the store ( it’s fun to sample new flavors), but I live 5 hours away and have started ordering on line. Shipping has always been very fast. The products are of high quality and they have a large selection of flavors. I’ve purchased so many varieties and have never been disappointed! I love supporting a small business that offers quality products, and Oliva di Vita is one of my favorites!

Beth K.


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Call in your order for curbside pickup and we will bring your order to your car.

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Order our products online, and we will ship them to your house within the 48 contiguous United States.

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