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Over the years, in our store and at our tasting presentations, customers often ask about cooking oils other than Olive Oil. Often it leads to a discussion of many of the other oils from Canola to Coconut. As you can from the following chart, all the oils listed have a little of every fat, some that is good for you such as the Monounsaturated Fat and some that is not so good, such as the Saturated Fat.  Other Polyunsaturated fats also have some health benefits such as Linoleic acid (omega-6) and Alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Therefore, all oils have some good stuff and some not so good stuff. It is a matter of degree.

One oil that has gotten a lot of attention recently on some of the infomercials and info-doctor shows is Coconut Oil. Below I have included an article from the Nutrition Action Health Letter (NutritionAction.com) that explains how Coconut Oil has become so popular. The Nutrition Action Health Letter is a division, and is published, by the non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest. This organization promotes health and good nutrition with no support from the food industry. Therefore, they often call out misconceptions, bad studies and outright misrepresentations from food industry manufactures and others promoting their own products.

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Is coconut oil a miracle cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

The idea is intriguing, but the evidence so far is lacking.

“Four tablespoons of this ‘brain food’ may prevent Alzheimer’s.”

That’s what Internet osteopath Joseph Mercola claims about the coconut oil he sells on his website. However, no good studies have shown that coconut oil can prevent or treat Alzhei­mer’s or other dementias.

Still, research into the components of this oil could lead to new treatments.

how it started

The belief that coconut oil can treat dementia got its big push in 2008 when Florida pediatrician Mary Newport was desperately…(continue reading)

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